Randa Fox and “Not On Our Watch”. Working to end the shame and devastation of child sexual abuse.

“Please consider joining me in finding your voice.  Through poetry, art, music, or any other outlet you choose, we want to give you a place where you can tell your truth and let others hear your story.   Once we break our silence, others will know finally that they are not alone, and you will find that you are able to let go of any shame, guilt, or any stigma society has placed on us.”


With these words Randa Fox throws down the gauntlet in a well past due effort to address a plague that has existed for years. It is estimated that there are forty-two million adult survivors of child sexual abuse in the United States. That could simply be just another statistic. But what Randa Fox knows is that the effects of this abuse do not end when the abuse does. For years the cancer of abuse eats at its victims. The statistics are there; sexual abuse survivors are far more likely to become substance abusers, experience depression, anxiety and PTSD, become involved in crime and to be incarcerated. These symptoms of childhood brutalization are not isolated cases; they involve millions of adults who walk among us today.


But Randa Fox’s message is not simply a litany of disturbing stories that we hear in the occasional  PSA on television. She is beginning her reformation of the landscape of abuse by urging abuse victims to shed the shackles of the devastating after effects of growing up as an abuse victim. She urges them to “find their voice”. For those of you who are not abuse victims this may seem like a laudable and pleasant idea, but not one of any real consequence. But look at it this way: there are forty-two million child abuse survivors who are suffering. Wasted lives, depression, and unrealized potential. From a moral point of view, it would seem that anyone would want to aid Randa in reaching her goals. From a practical point of view there is spillover of this widespread travesty in the form of money spent on medical care for victims of severe depression and public monies spent on the criminal justice system, both in terms of law enforcement and penal institutions.


And there is more that is unique about Randa and her goals. In most cases, charitable organizations that fight child abuse work mostly within their own purview. That this is inefficient and less effective seems obvious. Yet one of Randa’s most fundamental ideas is that fighting abuse requires a coalition of all survivors and, more to the point, all organizations that deal with child sexual abuse. Randa has set into motion a program of grants, raising money for other organizations, working to fund any organization that can contribute to a solution. The long-term goal is to create synergy in the efforts to fight child sexual abuse, a synergy that will increase in magnitude and effectiveness as more organization join the effort.


Randa has developed a 5013c that I feel takes on the most difficult aspects of the battle against child sexual abuse. I can personally attest to her ability, through her genuine desire to free people from their chains, to gently convince me that I am a survivor of neglect, something that never would have occurred to me to consider. In addition to being an excellent planner, Randa has the soul of a counselor. This is probably the most important quality in her arsenal, giving rise to her instincts in creating the mission statement of her organization; the goal of Not on Our Watch is nothing less than erasing the horrifying effects of child sexual abuse.

I am not the only one who sings the Praises of Randa Fox. ID Discovery recently awarded her “Hero of the month”. It is obvious that Randa’s potential can be seen by people who are not directly connected to her; quite a number of candidates are submitted to ID discovery for this honor.

If you want to be part of the true solution for child sexual abuse visit http://notonourwatch.net/. It will be worth your time and effort. You can be part of the solution.


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