Review of “The Olympus Project” by Ted Taylor


This book is unique; I have never read another like it. I will have to begin by saying that the book is entertaining, full of action and intriguing, so it passes the “good read” test that guides readers throughout the world. The reason that it is unique is that it combines several elements that normally don’t belong together in the standard book universe.

Taylor begins the book with the disturbing portrayal of a man on the edge of death. The expectation is that that the entire book will be filled with the cliff-hanger violence. The book surprises immediately in a rapid shift into a James Bond style upper crust avenger premise, complete with a secret society that functions under the radar. While it would be logical to think that this is where the plot would rest, we are surprised again; our protagonist, Colin Bailey, does not pit himself against an over the top mega villains who could never exist. Colin Baily is a an avenger in the true sense, part of a secret organization whose business is avenging and ridding the world of pure, real evil in the U.K.

Colin and his compatriots are trained researchers, interrogation experts, hackers, analysts and, as Colin is himself, assassins. The end game for the Olympus project, as the society is called, is the destruction of the highest level abuse and senseless violence. It seems to be more than a coincidence that the majority of Colin’s “direct action” assignments involve the dispatch of irredeemable sexual predators.

This book is the first in a series. I look forward to the next three (and one more is being written as this review is published) mostly because I know that, in addition to being a “good read”, there will a message and substance to the sequels. I will guess that the latter is something that must have occurred the Mr. Taylor when he wrote “The Olympus Project”.

For those of you who want a good read but also a bit more in your precious reading time, “The Olympus Project” is a major find.



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