Suck it up!

Living the lie that people can always just “soldier on” is unrealistic and leaves people with serious issues in a nightmare with no help. Until you can understand PTSD and being abused or neglected as a child, there is no evaluating the plight of others.

Where the buck stops

“Suck it up”

This oft used phrase is meant to cover a lot guilt and fear. Usually it’s used when someone is afraid of someone else’s fear and suffering. I recently heard a well-known radio host referring to Robin Williams’s suicide. His beef with Robin was that he often felt depressed. His way of dealing with things was to push past the depression and get on with life. As I listened to him I wondered if he understood the nature of clinical depression, something that in severe cases, does not respond well to treatment. For victims of severe depression, life is a rollercoaster with the disease receding and peaking in unpredictable waves.

What convinces me that this particular radio host was expressing his fear is that he had studied medicine years ago. It’s unlikely that he happened to miss discussions of depression and it’s trajectory over time. The implication was…

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