Review of “The Assassin Who Couldn’t Dance” by Glen Berrera.


The one word that came to mind as I read “The Assassin Who Couldn’t Dance” by Glen Berrera was family. Though this is story filled with action, gunplay, and government corruption, it is really about the characters. This crew, that mounts military style attacks in defense of loved ones, would die for each other. And that what makes the story compelling.

Gil Scott and his former army buddies have been living peacefully for years. Years before a quirk of fate in Iraq gave them access to a large amount of money. Years had gone by and another quirk of fate brought their financial windfall to the attention of some very corrupt army officers. The result is a series of armed conflicts between Gil’s “family” and `a ruthless set of mercenaries and solidiers fallen from grace.

In this fight, Gil is joined by Russ and his wife Morgan, Denny, and Sharky. Along the way a few others join the fight, most notably a mysterious young man named Hector who is strangely good at any form of fighting for a man of his years. While Gil and his team are involved in the first few skirmishes Hector watches them, assessing the situation, but it’s clear that he is on their side.

Fitting the spirit of the story Hector also becomes part of the family; the rigors of battle bringing all of them closer together.

Make no mistake, this is an action story; the small battles the team has with the villains in this story are handled strategically as in true military conflict. Both the personal interactions between Gil’s family and the battles scenes are compelling. This book is a page turner but offers the extra satisfaction of reading a story with well-developed characters that the reader can identify with.

I would recommend this story to anyone, especially readers who like things military.



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