The Indie writer’s movement: A revolution.

In the last decade a movement has sprung up: Indie Press. Not so long ago an aspiring author would be required to deal with agents or publishers (or some combination of both) to get a book before a publishing executive who would, hopefully, consider the book for publication. The process was slow and the outcome very uncertain.

The indie movement has changed the chances of publishing a book from slim to almost a certainty. With the advent of Amazon publishing it only takes an edited manuscript and a little work to create a book for sale on Amazon’s site. Opening this avenue for authors has, by itself, revolutionized the publishing industry and given thousands of writers the chance to put their books into the marketplace.

While this has offered amazing opportunities to authors, it has also increased the competition for exposure of a given author’s books. Since the Indie movement is rooted in the internet and sites on the internet, there are thousands of authors vying for attention which is dependent on an author’s web presence.

And here is where the Indie movement demonstrates something amazing in an industry that has been consistently competitive and somewhat cutthroat. Rather than presenting themselves as self-important artists, a world unto themselves, indie writers have formed a support system. This  ranges from small groups that support each other through the writing process and once a book is published, to a general trend on websites such as twitter where Indie writers retweet the tweets of any other indie writer they happen to encounter.

I am a member of this movement. I will make a plea for general support of the Indie movement but I would like to offer an introduction to Indie writing in the form of a list of books I think will show the effectiveness of the Indie movement to create excellent books for world-wide readers.


Planet Purgatory by Benedict Martin (Science Fiction/Fantasy)

The Assassin Who Couldn’t Dance by Glen Barrera (Thriller)

Connected: The Call and The Shift (Author’s Cut) by Michelle Medhat Thriller)

The Watchmage of Old New York by C.A. Sanders (Fantasy)

The Zebra Affaire: An Apartheid Love Story by Mark Fine (Romantic Thriller)


And my book:

The RailRoad by Neil Newton (Romantic Mystery)


Happy reading!


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