Protect.org needs your help. And you need Protect.org

This is plea for and an endorsement of Protect.org. This organization is strikingly unique in a number of important ways. While public education about child abuse is, without doubt, valuable and helpful in the fight against this scourge, I believe that new legislation of sentences for child abuse crimes has the best chance of reducing them. Protect.org lobbies Washington legislators to strengthen child abuse laws which have often been without teeth in the past. In essence, Protect.org does what it can to make the consequences of committing a child abuse crime, severe and daunting.


Reducing child abuse crimes will not just create a new and more pleasing statistic on the books. What child abuse is, is the destruction of a life. If you were to inject an infant with some substance that would guarantee various levels of depression, ptsd, un-realized potential, and a host of other debilitating problems, it would be very much the same for a child turned adult who was the victim of consistent child abuse. It is theft of a life pure and simple.


Add to that an amazing number of studies that link child abuse to incarceration and recidivism later in life. Child abuse doesn’t only affect the victims and those close to them; it is a serious problem the effects of which cut across all areas of society. The cost of law enforcement, correctional facilities and medical benefits undermines our economy and our society’s financial health.

Consider this: if thousands of children were tortured and killed every year in another country, it would a well-publicized humanitarian crisis. While we, as Americans, might not rally to help foreign children, it would be a subject that would be debated at dinner tables, parties, and even in congress.

Girls are forced to 'service' dozens of men every day

What is bizarre and disturbing is that we can consider the ramifications of a crisis in Mexico and treat a humanitarian crisis involving our neighbors and fellow Americans as though it literally does not exist.

Protect has also started a program that works with veterans to find the sources of child pornography and bring the offenders to justice. They are working to develop unique and cutting edge programs but they need your help. Please go to Protect.org and donate what you can. Once you’ve become familiar with their mission, please use social media to get the message out. It will be worth your time.


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