Review of “The Connected: the Call” by Michelle Medhat (on Amazon): Five Stars!

In sea of clever formulaic espionage novels, Michelle Medhat’s “Connected: The Call” is a breath of fresh air. Not that the book, the first in a series of two, is without action, clever maneuvering, and cutting edge technical elements. It has all that. What makes it different is very humanized and complex characters.
Ellie Noor is a woman in crisis. Not only has she just found that her husband is a high level black ops operatives in Britain’s MI6, but she is hearing voices and experiencing frightening visual phenomena.  While her husband fights a world-wide terrorist superpower, Ellie is trying to make sense of the voices and visions that come without warning. Medhat more than holds the reader’s attention with the knowledge of the growing terrorist threat and the mystery of the origin of Ellie’s paranormal experiences.
There is plenty of action for those who buy novels that are page turners. But unlike many cut and dried action novels, Medhat is able to establish a strong mood of the eldritch, especially through the character Ellie and her struggles with  frigtening but seemingly significant experiences that shake her to the core. She also paints a fascinating picture of Prime Ministers and Presidents, all with their own dark agendas, and all slightly evil in their own way. In this book, the conflicts comes from many directions, creating a complex web of intrigue that builds in intensity.
This is a multi-faceted, multi-genre novel, one that should not be missed by anyone who reads thrillers, science fiction, and espionage. I look forward to the second book in the series, “Connected: The Shift”. Medhat has a great future in commercial fiction and I will expect to see her on one of the bestsellers list in the near future. Bravo!

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