In Response To “10 Reasons You Don’t Get Laid”

This is one of the best blogs on this subject I’ve ever read. The blogger does not judge nor set a “fire and brimstone” standard that is based purely on a concept of right and wrong. He or she backs up the arguments in the blogs with sound humanistic values. I would say if anyone was a “pussy” it was the man who wrote the original article that the blogger references. To me “getting laid” is like over eating (something that I am familiar with): the immediate thrill is satisfying and drowns out the void that fuels a repetitive cycle of distracting oneself from oneself. I doubt the that the original author of the referenced article feels anything but a general sense of dissatisfaction that is blunted by a rush from the same habitual and mindless addiction.
Put it this way. Sooner or later you have to find your value system or your just end up repeating the same crap and being bored with yourself and boring everyone else. Finding yourself is a tall order and not taken lightly but it’s something we all have to face sooner or later. What kind of life do you have when your sixty something and still trying to “get laid”. Pretty pathetic if that’s all you have to do with your life. Pretty pathetic if you can’t connect with someone else enough to have a satisfying relationship. I’d like to think we all will aim a little higher

Forte E Bello

I recently read an article entitled, 10 Reasons You Don’t Get Laid. In it the author freely advocates for casual sex with many partners and explains his take on why men in our day and age don’t “get laid” as often as he seems to think they should. Among his top 10 reasons are the following: “You lack confidence, you neglect your hygiene, you’re a social cripple, you’re needy, your’e lazy,” and “you’re a gentleman” which he defined as being a “pussy”.

For the sake of this blog I’ll restrain from speaking my frustrations regarding the article (they are many) as to avoid any personal attacks on the author. Instead I’d like to challenge the perspective of this article as well as that of culture by suggesting that perhaps there are other reasons men out there aren’t “getting laid”. I have known dozens of men throughout my life who made the…

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