Child Prostitution

What will our world be like when this is everywhere. And will it matter that you don’t have deal with it because “it happens to someone else” when this is all around us? Is it possible that the weight of trafficking, child prostitution, child abuse and domestic abuse will start to eat holes into our society?

Captivating For Captives

child prostitution

There are few things in life so monstrous as child prostitution, something that many find hard to even think about. But when we choose not to think about it, we fail to do anything about it. And through our inaction, we abandon the innocent children who are caught up in the reality of those terrible circumstances. If you can’t bear to even think about it, how much worse is it for the children who are actually living it?

About half of sex trafficking victims are children. The average age is approximately 13, many are older, some are as young as 5 or 6. Outrageously, some are even younger.

Children get caught up in the web of child prostitution in various ways:
In the developed world:

  • Children who have run away from home due to abuse, neglect, inadequate foster care etc and are coerced into it by pimps who ‘befriend’ them and…

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