To many points that I didn’t see as connected. Children, domestic violence, etc. didn’t seem connected. It sounds like there are confluences of tragedy that we tolerate and make it impossible for the bootstrap theory to really work. That has always been the refuge of elitists who don’t want to take responsibility for social issues. There is not always a good answer unless we work to supply it.

Between the Beats



Income and the Homeless

According to the National Coalition for the Homeless there are several reasons so many Americans struggle with homelessness. A severe lack of affordable housing and a limited number of housing programs certainly contribute to the situation. The housing wage, the amount a renter must make in order to afford a modest home as calculated by the National Low Income Coalition, was $18.79 in 2013, which exceeded the $14.32 earned by the average renter. Mind you most Americans don’t make that much money. With minimum wage federally $7.25 an hour, and Washington state topping out at $9.32 hourly, Georgia and Wyoming at the bottom with $5.15 hourly and some states not requiring any minimum wage it is easy to see no state requires the amount of income decent housing requires. Twenty-one states have minimum wages requirements above the federally mandated, four states require less, and five…

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